Improvement in Human Well-being has been universally recognised as the final goal of all the public policies and development programmes. However, the notion of well-being still continues to be debated across the countries. The key motive of the authors is to develop an alternative framework on the quintessential notion of human well-being using holistic conception of 'man' as conceived in Indian wisdom tradition (referred to as Bharatiya Vision). This Vision is not an isolated case of material prosperity but an all-encompassing pan-philosophic view of economic, psychological, social, health and spiritual dimensions of human personality associated with four goals of life i.e. artha (money), dharma (religion), kama (desire), moksha (liberation). Authors have developed indicators, tools and measurement scales to measure the various dimensions of human well-being through conducting primary survey and validating the results by rigorous statistical analysis. The methodology developed in this book is very useful for researchers willing to conduct further research studies in the various domains of human well-being.

Narayan Prasad & Nausheen Nizami
 Narayan Prasad is Professor of Economics in School of Social Sciences of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Apart from this academic position, he has also served as Director Research Unit, Director Academic Coordination Division and Member Secretary of the Research Council. He has contributed more than 25 research papers in reputed national and international journals and authored five books. He teaches research methodology to MPhil and PhD students. Human Well-being, Human Development, Research Methodology are his areas of interest. Prof. Prasad was awarded fellowship by UGC for visiting France to conduct a research study and invited to deliver lectures on Vedanta at various places including New York, Washington and Los Angeles in the USA. Nausheen Nizami, is an Assistant Professor in Economics at School of Liberal Studies at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University since 2016. Prior to this she taught under-graduate Economics students at Gargi College, University of Delhi. She has published two books on decent work co-authored by Prof. Narayan Prasad, and presented papers at national and international conferences. Dr. Nizami has contributed to IGNOU's self-learning material for MA (Economics) programme. She is a life member of Indian Society of Labour Economics and Indian Econometrics Society. Her areas of research interests include contemporary issues in labour economics like forms of work, decent work, human wellbeing, unpaid work, use of mixed-methods approach to qualitative data analysis in labour economics.