Circumstances that force learners to drop out of school are a mystery. Raman is just a representative of bright children who could not continue studies for reasons of a different kind - compulsions of life. He is just one of more than 300 million kids who drop out before they reach the age of 10 years, many of whom stop schooling against their will, in spite of the spark in them to become, if not Nobel Laureates, certainly well-educated enlightened citizens with good jobs and steady incomes. The silver lining is that many aspire to get an opportunity to get back to school some day, if the circumstances and the living conditions in their own small but significant worlds allow them to do so.

P.R. Ramanujam
 P.R.Ramanujam is a Professor at Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi. A noted Educationist he writes in English and Tamil. He is also a Disability Activist. His academic publications include Quest for Reconciliation - Marxist Encounters with Modernism; Marxism,Ideology and Literary Criticism; Reflections on Distance Education for India; Challenges to Open Distance Learning in Developing Countries; and Globalization, Education and Distance open Learning, among others.