This book deals with the theatrical study of Oggu Katha, a folk narrative theatre form of Telangana. This form of the pastoral community of the state attracts a special attention of academic enquiry in both the fields of theatre and performance studies by virtue of its potentialities of its sustenance. This book details the progression of the performance negotiating various elements of grammar of Theatre transforming as a holistic cultural expression of the community.

Jnaneshwara Bhikshu
 Dr. N.J. Bhikshu has an experience of nearly four decades in Theatre practice. Having started as an amateur actor his pursuit took him towards becoming a professional Actor, Director, Script writer, Music composer, set designer and an academician. He is a masters and doctoral degree holder in theatre arts from university of Hyderabad. His work on Oggu Katha, a Telangana folk narrative form was the first one ever to be attempted as a Theatrical study.