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Welcome to Index International. If you have thought of self publishing your book, but do not know the process we are here to help you.

            ---------------------- Self-Publishing In Five Easy Steps: ----------------------        

Connect with Us! Once you are connected with us, you will realize that the journey is smooth and workable.
Contact us to explore your options. Pick a package that best meets your needs.


If you are in search of a printer to print your self-published book, we can get your book printed and send across to you. As publishers we can support you on this.


All or at least most manuscripts require editing and setting. This is where our top class editors can help you with your manuscript. Wherever required, we do language editing as well. Finish your manuscript, prepare the required materials, and submit. We will assist you in this process by interactive mode through e-mails.


Every book requires an ISBN. You can either get it yourself or we can help you with this process.


For rates of the package you want, contact us. Pay for your chosen package of self-publishing your book through our available payment options.


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